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SenecaCigarettes.Com Privacy statement

We collect certain information from customers for billing and shipping purposes. None of the information collected for these functions is provided to any outside party for promotional, commercial or profitable usage of any kind.

When you submit payment information, it is transfered with secure protocols, then stored in our protected database using security aware technology. The reason your data is being stored is for security, record keeping and account/transaction logging purposes. There are security meassures and cryptography in use to make sure that your information is and will stay safe with us.

If payment fraud or any other type of criminal behaviour is suspected, your information may be subject of investigation and may be provided to investigating authorities.

When a money transaction is conducted, some of your information is provided to the payment gateway/processor or financial institution for billing verification, this is all done in a secured way.

Security information

All personal information, login password, username, payment information are all transfered in a secure way. We use standard, well known and widely used cryptography technology. When you activate any function or go to any page that require secure connections, you will automatically be switched over to a secure connection, using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This secure mode is easily recognizeable by the web page address in your browser, it will start with https:// (instead of http:// which is non-secured). When you log in or create a new account with us, all this is tranfered securely. We have our own secure certificate for this web page, which can be used to identify that this page and information is coming from the correct source. Our certificate is provided by a reseller of GeoTrust, which is a certified authority (CA) for security certificates on the internet. Many web browsers have a security-lock icon (see lower right corner) which you can click to view the certificate information when you are on a secured page.

Some data is stored as well, all sensitive information is encrypted using industry standard strong encryption technologies from GnuPG.

SenecaCigarettes.Com believes that security is priority number one, we are doing everything we can to make sure that your data is staying safe with us.

Security Certificate warning message

If you are using an older web browser, such as Netscape version 4, you may get a warning message while accessing the secured pages; it will tell you that EquiFax is not a certified authority. This is not true, it is your web browser that is so old that it does not know who Equifax is. Equifax is a mother/partner company of GeoTrust which issues secure certificates just as Verisign does. For this reason, as well as for other security reasons we strongly recommend that you update your web browsers to a newer version, like Netscape 7, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, or Mozilla 1.0.1. We recommend Mozilla since it is developed by a non-profit organization that do not favor monopoly in one one way or the other, it is based on the same fundation as Netscape (Gecko) and in many ways behaves the same. You can download mozilla from Mozilla.Org, it comes for most major platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, and other Unices.

You may verify our certificate by clicking on the dated GeoTrust image below, this will open a window that brings you to GeoTrust website. If you see no such icon below or at the left, your browser may not support the scripting that was used to create the link, you may click here instead.